The Bylaws Committee and the MeHIMA Board of Directors has been working diligently this year to revise the current Bylaws and Standing Rules.

We have completed the review and revisions of the MeHIMA Bylaws and they have been approved by AHIMA. We are now sending them to the membership to review prior to voting for final approval from the membership at our Annual meeting on June 8th and 9th in Trenton, Maine (we will be sending out the agenda for this meeting in the next couple weeks). Please take some time to review them in advance so that you will be able to comment on them and vote in June.

The Bylaws Committee met again today, face to face and virtually, and continued on the revisions of the Standing Rules. We will be bringing our revisions to the next MeHIMA Board of Directors meeting in May for approval and then hope to share these with the membership as well. If they are not ready for the June meeting, we will send them out in an e-mail blast and bring them to the Fall meeting.

Thank you for the privilege of being able to represent MeHIMA and to work to meet its goals and mission.

Michelle Edwards, RHIA
MeHIMA President-Elect

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