MeHIMA Bylaws Proposed Amendment

AHIMA is proposing some Bylaws changes. Your MeHIMA board would like to update you on these proposed changes and get your feedback.

There was a Town Hall meeting on August 30th to discuss these changes. My apologies but technical difficulties did not allow a recording of this meeting.

Please find the proposed Bylaws amendments below. In addition, there are some supporting documents that will help explain these proposed changes. Please take a moment to review these documents.

On October 9th, the three delegates for MeHIMA that are representing our CSA will be voting on these proposed amendments. These votes are the voice of the CSA and NOT the voice of the delegates. Therefore, we want to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or other issues you would like to express prior to us voting on October 9th. You can do so by emailing me, Elizabeth Sheridan, your current MeHIMA President at

Thank you all for your time and consideration of these Bylaws changes.